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                           Vocal and Piano

I believe in being supportive, encouraging, and kind, yet firm.  Students have the opportunity to perform and gain experience in two recitals per year.

I encourage those students who are interested in performing by helping them to find opportunities.  My students range from beginners to those with more experience.  While every student has different goals, we work to develop each of his/her potential.

I currently teach in students homes, but I plan to have my own teaching studio in the near future as well.

                                       VOCAL LESSONS
I teach voice students 6 through adult. We work on breathing techniques, language study, music interpretation, and style.  I like to introduce students to new genres and styles of music to help them grow as singers, while also working on repertoire that they love.

                                       PIANO LESSONS
I teach piano students at the beginning and intermediate levels.  We focus on practice techniques, note reading, music theory, and interpretation.